Olive wood Mixing / Cooking Spoon

Olive wood Mixing / Cooking Spoon

Olive wood Mixing / Olivewood Cooking Spoon

This olivewood spoon is lightweight, made from single piece of olive wood with a nice feel to the handle. Made in Tunisia by our skilled craftsmen!

Positively gorgeous, hand crafted and rubbed with sunflower oil, this Olivewood Spoon has smooth edges and a soft as velvet feel.  This olivewood spoon will remain beautiful for a long time.

our wood products are produced from up to 200-500 year old trees, which no longer carry olives.  Olive wood is very dense and has very small pores, it will therefore not carry any odors.  Olive wood will is non-stick cookware safe and is also resistant to acids, hot fat, and withstands detergents.

TMB Olive wood is well know for its high quality products.

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