Why TMB Olive wood Factory?

1- Olive Wood International Certification:
February 10, 2016: TMB obtained food safe norm certificate (Food contact certification). Our olive wood preserve the entegrity of all foods , please contact us for more details.
2-ECO-advantages of our Tunisian olive wood:
The wood is sourced from managed forests recognized for their carbon capture for cleaner air. We work in compliance with the law and nature. Origin of our Olive Wood is Tunisia, Degenerated and Fruitless olive trees are selectively cut.
3-TMB Olive Wood ensure Strong Customer Satisfaction:
Keeping our customers satisfied is a continuous process. We do our best to work with you before and after your Goods is shipped.
4-Export High Quality of Olive Wood:
As an export company, we understand the needs of our foreign customers. Each olivewood product is individually wrapped and hand inspected prior to shipping. We use high quality shipping boxes and have the ability to print and apply customer specific barcode labels and product tags.