Olive Wood Small Scoop

Olive Wood Small Scoop

Tunisian Olive Wood Spice Scoop, Kitchen Accessories

These wonderfully crafted artisan olive wood measuring spoons .They have been especially designed to measure 1/2 teaspoon as well as conveniently fit inside spice jars.

These Olivewood Salt Spoons is the perfect size for sprinkling salt or adding seasoning while cooking. It is made of durable Olivewood.


- They are so cute, it's difficult to resist! ,
-Great for storing in you salt bowl,
-Perfectly hand-carved
 It would be really useful if you were getting your hands dirty or touching raw meat then you could take out salt without contaminating the entire pig.

Care instructions 

Rub your olive wood product with olive, peanut or sunflower oil once a month. Dip a paper towel into the oil and gently rub, using a circular motion, over the surface of the wood. Work the oil into the sides, top and bottom of the olive wood.


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