Olive Wood Rustic bowls Tunisia

Olive Wood Rustic bowls Tunisia

Olive Wood rustic bowls Tunisia

A truly unique Olive Wood rustic bowls, hand carved of natural olive wood, made by our TMB craftsman.

These olive wood bowls have a special and very vivid grain and structure. Please note that each bowls are shaped from a unique piece of olive wood !

They  beautifuil  Bowls are available in various diameters (6 cm , 8cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 14 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm,…)

 This product is handmade,and each piece is unique and presents awards of irregular grain.

This item is not paint, it is natural, raw. It is a natural bio-product strongly advised by doctors and health specialists. it contains no chemical, it is more hygienic and ideal for all kinds of foods.

 * Hand wash only, never put wood in the dishwasher.

* Clean with a soft sponge, warm water and soap.

* Dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

* It is recommended to apply a coat with natural oil or vegetable on the piece occasionally to prevent drying of the wood.

* Avoid soaking in water or exposed to heat or sunlight